A Night to Remember


She’s like a sacred flower
forever in bloom,
forever yearning for
the divine rapture
among the sorrows
of the earth.

And her soft whispers in my ear
dissolve the walls of
that I’ve gotten
too comfortable behind,
and the taste of her
love lingers
on my lips and fingers
as I’m left trembling, driving
off into the mist
before dawn.

Isn’t funny how the universe
has a way
of nudging us into
enchanting circumstances
that our rigid culture
would otherwise
have us elude? Continue reading

New York Chronicles: Man in Exile



“We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way,
begin no day where we have ended another day;
and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us.”

~Kahlil Gibran~

We only have a few breaths on this unforgiving planet.  And I’ll be damned if I live this brief life like some domestic pet jailed up behind this white-picket-fence rendition of the so-called American Dream where everyone gets caught up in the same patterns and suffers the same damn fate — the death of the soul.

I want earthquakes, explosions, and fury comets across cosmic skies — I want to taste every aspect of this planet. I want to roam the unknown and float thru its heavens and trudge thru its hells.

Give it to me — you folks can keep your safe lives watching your nightly TV programs, sidelined on the field of dreams, vegged out in front of hypnotic screens all angry at each other — I’m settin’ out for the holy grail. Continue reading

Forbidden Night


Our quest to feel intensely alive,
Moonlight dripping in those outlaw eyes,
Oh, how we can get so out of control
At times
Finding ourselves so often entirely
Alone in the fertile fields of chaos
As you, the goddess of chance
Dance madly, barefoot
To the rhythm of the sky
And i drink whiskey
As the scream of the
Ushers us into
That forbidden

God, look at you there,
So primal in your lust, so exotic
In the way you sway in the
Mushroom fields of a dead world,
Look at you, untroubled,
Revived, so carefree
As the ancient rain falls
On your silken skin
forcing my bloodshot eyes
to weep tears of rapture
At the cosmic beauty
Of it all.

The Ballot of a Non-Voter


Democracy is a pathetic belief
in the collective wisdom
of individual ignorance.

~ H.L. Mencken

So, I hear there’s an election tomorrow and once again they tell me it’s the most important election of my lifetime.

Just like the last one.

And the one before that.

They say I neeeeed to VOTE — they beg, plead, and philosophize like it holds some type of magical solution to something—something evil.

Voting is the way — they swear by it, even though the government we have today is a result of decades after decades after decades of voting.

I often wonder how two law-abiding, productive citizens who grew up in the same area can have two totally different views on how the political system should work?

How can we know that my political solutions are better than yours?

How can we know if your political solutions are better than mine?

Can we measure? Does it even matter? Continue reading

I Don’t Want To Believe

“If the doors of perception were cleansed,
everything would appear to man as it is
– infinite.”

― William Blake


Out of the eternal mouth
we arrive.

Who are we?
Who are you?

How much of your mind do you own?

Have you ever sat alone in the dark,
devoid and unplugged from the web
of constant stimulation & cheap
distractions that eat up so much
of your time, and really
thought about what
you believe in?

What if your beliefs
were shoved into your
head at a very early
age in an attempt to
prevent you from
becoming your
true self?

As the Jesuits proclaimed
many years ago, give us
your child for the first
7 years, and we’ll have
them for life.

And it’s true.

Since my high-chair days
it’s been pounded in my head
to believe, just believe,
believe, believe.

In Sunday school, with my vulnerable
mind in the hands of the devout, I
was taught that I only had to
believe in a particular story
of the past and I’d ride life
straight to immortality.

or die.
or die.
or die.

No need to fear death, they
told me, all you have to do
is believe.

No need to think or doubt or
question. Just believe.

Believe – after many years
of unlearning and relearning,
I just couldn’t help but ask
what does it actually mean
to believe?

Does it mean to assume the improbable
in the face of contrary evidence?

Does it mean not wanting to know
what is true?

Can we define it as an “assumed truth”
to help gratify our yearning for an
afterlife, or immortality, or heaven?

The truth is — I don’t want to believe.

I want to know.

And if it’s unknowable,
I want to roam, like a
demented nomad, in the
foreign fields of its mystery,
exploring all theories,
possibilities, concepts,
and ideas that might
reveal a hint of
the sublime.

I don’t like the idea of belief
because with every belief
comes a disbelief
in some greater aspect
of existence.

If you’re tightly wound-up
in a religious belief, a belief
usually born out of the geographical
area you were randomly born
in, all the big questions are pretty
much answered, and you tend to stop
thinking and dreaming and pondering
about the enchanted wonder of this
13.8 billion year old universe
we know nothing about.

I don’t want to become trapped
in the graveyard of certainty
and spurious conclusions, sitting
comfortably numb in the dark,
forever cut off from opposing
and conflicting concepts.

I don’t want to condense our infinite
universe into the rigid confines
of an ancient belief system.

I don’t want to get sucked into the
dead world of duality where we
erect walls of our own prison
to keep out the “others”.

It’s all wrong. This isn’t how it’s
supposed to be. It’s just another
cultural trap I want no part in.

I want to be free to expand
my own consciousness without the
condemning eye of ancient creeds
and pissed-off gods.

I want the freedom to explore my own soul
and to possibly discover the endless and
wondrous treasures gifted to us by
an ever expanding universe.

I don’t want to be shackled
to the past in exchange for a
naive belief in afterlife rewards.

We’ve been accustomed to look at ourselves
as fallen creatures, exiled from paradise,
in need of redemption. And we look to the
outside for a savior instead of where
it truly resides- the kingdom within.

That’s the problem with the world.

We’re too afraid or too taught
to think beyond good and evil –
beyond what we’ve swallowed
as reality, as moral truths.

We’re conditioned to readily
hurl ourselves into the cold
dark cellar of belief
without a slither
of doubt.

It’s all wrong.

I want to live wildly
and exotically
with free-flying souls
in great meadows
of the unknown.

That’s where it’s at.

Can’t you see that the only reality
is the one contained within us?

The divine lives with you.
The divine lives in you.

This is the secret the great
sages have tried to teach us.

But we’ve misread them. We’ve poisoned
the great myths of life and love
by literally perceiving the
metaphors and allegories as
facts and actualities.

We’ve externalized what was meant
to be internalized, diminishing
the profound message
that was meant to help us
during our brief
time here.

Instead, we’ve used our
religious beliefs to divide,
to war, to kill, to hate,
to suppress our desires
and to dwindle our lives
in the here and now.

This is death.
This is hell.

But it’s not too late
to rethink what you
think you know.

There’s freedom just beyond
our self-imposed

As Proust reminds us,
“the real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new
landscapes, but in having
new eyes.”

So close your eyes and descend,
and let the sacred plants
of the earth help you
get far enough in.

Find that cosmic silence.

Then listen, listen carefully
so you can hear that solemn
whisper of the unconscious.

If you’re willing, it will
guide you out of the
cultural snare
and onto the steep
front steps of the
golden door.

It’s then, and only then,
you will have unlearned
enough to finally discover
that temple of truth
that lies on the
other side.

You’re a Poet


You know the taste of your own blood,
therefore, you know the taste of
the blood that flows through all
the rivers of this mad world. You
know the midnight that overwhelms
your inner light
and you know the moonlight
that illuminates your
dark night.

You know what you’ve experienced
and you know how these unique experiences
have either heightened or diminished
the person you are today.

Or both in some ways. Continue reading