The American Life Is Killing You

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“I believe we are a species with amnesia, I think we have forgotten our roots and our origins. I think we are quite lost in many ways. And we live in a society that invests huge amounts of money and vast quantities of energy in ensuring that we all stay lost. A society that invests in creating unconsciousness, which invests in keeping people asleep so that we are just passive consumers of products and not really asking any of the questions.”

~ Graham Hancock

If you’re in the same boat as the typical American, your dilemma might look something like this:

You’re enduring some type of chronic illness, over-stressed and rushed, unrewarding job, little or no savings, greatly in debt, fat mortgage, two vehicles in the driveway with a 5 or 7-year loan on each, lots of gadgets and toys to keep you occupied, huge TV, little free time for yourself due to your career and a demanding spouse, weekends filled with church and/or senseless entertainment, and a bathroom cabinet heavily stacked with pharmaceutical tic tacs to help cope with the emptiness of it all.


This is probably you and it’s OK. This is considered normal in America. You are a success. You’ve achieved the American Dream. Your obedience and education and hard work have paid off. Congratulations.

But the problem is that you’re miserable and shallow and quite possibly unhealthy and a little dispirited and you’ll likely die of either heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or suicide in the not so distant future — statistically speaking.

Or you’ll make it to old age with this all too common deathbed regret — wishing you had the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life of what others expected of you.

Despite living in the richest country on the planet with a gargantuan military (and budget) to keep you so-called “safe,” you’re frightened and unhappy more than ever before. Seems your material abundance and chronic hustle and “good citizen” ideals have done nothing for your happiness or well-being.

In fact, this status chasing, security-obsessed, hurried American lifestyle is draining you of your life energy. It’s killing you. It has been for some time. And you feel it.

This article is for you. Let’s go.

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Midnight moon bleeds in the violent dark,
subtle breeze, evanescent shadows,
stars harmonize in the ancient night
as the bare branches of cold trees
quiver and shiver against the
backdrop of the unfurling
of the universe
around me.

And there I am, sitting campfire
in psychedelic reverie
away from the
of the asphalt world,
into the never-ending
of the timeless
where the kaleidoscopic
wash away the conditioned
spawned out of a doomed

The voice says:
yourself from what you think
you’re seeing, and look to the
of your being, where the mind
discerns with splendid purity
the essence of the primordial
beginnings of it all.

And it’s there, right there
in the dark dungeon of myself
where the inherent guilt,
invoked by our long-ago eviction
from paradise,
burns away
by the fierce light of
the return
the return
the return
and the plump little cherubs smile
as the music plays and the flaming
sword is lowered as the gates fling
open, and I, once again, walk into
the glory of the garden,
the infinite reservoir of
as the night throbs
to the greatest silence
there ever was.

With the Truth, One Cannot Live



with the truth, one cannot live –
the truth, in its naked form,
is too terrible to bear. we
tell stories and require illusions
to dilute the agony of the truth.
our gods
our history
our nation
our science
even our own selves
are mere stories we tell
to reduce the dreadful terror
of our unavoidable
we must falsify reality
to live as sane, functional
individuals in reality –
we must repress and deny
our deep desires and
sense of being
in order to get along
in the cultural lie.
the bureaucratic guardians of falsity
the faceless chaperons of fables
the theologians
the educators
the politicians
are merely the mouthpieces
of the institutions that
protect us from
grimly disguised
as representatives
of it.

The United States of Amnesia


“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

― Thomas Pynchon

When it comes to war or the potential of war, America, the nation that I love, turns into a vast cesspool of idiocracy.

Qassem Suleimani, a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps general and commander of the Quds Force, was killed in a US airstrike by the order of the president (allegedly).

The smoke didn’t even have time to dissipate before my fellow Americans unquestioningly rejoiced at the news across their screens — in spite of 95% of them never even hearing the name before.

No skepticism, no questions, no attempt to do a little research to find out the true motive of this killing or to weigh its inevitable dreadful consequences or its legality.

No No No. Just blindly believe in the official story because the government never lies us into war and they have our best interest at heart.

Every time the US hurls a bomb onto another nation, patriotic lunacy prevails over coherent thinking. Uninformed, half-hypnotic patriots become viciously jingoistic in their lingo and behavior. As Nietzsche reminded us, “Madness is something rare in individuals — but in groups, parties, peoples, and ages, it is the rule.”

If you’re able to —I’m going to ask you to take off your political party hats for a second. Turn off the news. Whether you worship the president or hate the president — it doesn’t matter. Become a thinking human being. Let recent history heighten your awareness. Take a deep breath and look at a tree or a flower outside your window and repeat after me:

I will not blindly follow the deceitful warmongers into another unwinnable war.

Say it again.

After decades and decades of proven lies to nose-dive us into highly profitable, unconstitutional, and completely disastrous wars, for the life of me, I don’t know how any sane, rational person can swallow the hawk-laced rubbish spewing from the mouths of any of these bomb-tossing Neanderthals.

As Caitline Johnston so eloquently put in an article yesterday:

“The only sane response to US government claims about the need for military force is intense skepticism. If US government officials begin telling us that something happened necessitating military intervention, your default assumption should always, always, always be that they are lying. And you should hold that position until the (highly unlikely and historically unprecedented) event that conclusive, independently verifiable proof of their claims is provided.”

Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Lie. We have a clear objective in Afghanistan. Lie. We must bomb Libya to defend human rights. Lie. Assad in Syria unleashed chemical weapons on his own people. Lie.

The US is running the same script in Iran at this moment that it ran with Libya and Syria over the past decade.

As a recent article pointed out, “Consider the results of recent American wars. The wars in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) were total disasters. Ditto interventions in Iraq and Libya. The Afghan War approaches its third decade with no end in sight. How are these wars pragmatic or preemptive or necessary or productive? They’ve been based on fears and fantasies. They’ve been colossal mistakes based on lies and fantasies of power.”

But people don’t care. We Americans know so little of history, so little of geography, so little of anything that falls outside our tiny little slice of reality, which is why we’re so easily swindled by the manipulative antics of our favorite political party and the people in power. Our scrutinizing eyes have lost vision.

In the words of Gore Vidal, we are the United States of Amnesia.

We cheer and celebrate as the president, this one and the last, drops bombs in sovereign nations without congressional approval.

We let our own corrupt government define for us who is “bad” and who is “good” without a twinge of skepticism or demand for evidence. And then when the “bad guys” strike back, we’re told it’s an unprovoked “terrorist attack” that warrants more military action.

And this sadly reminds me of what the Nazi leader, Herman Goering, revealed at the Nuremberg trial:

“Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

We’re submissive consumers of relentless propaganda.

So much so that when you criticize the illegal and precarious actions of one’s own government, the people, the propagandized sheep, retort like snot-nosed children with these type of bratty sentiments:

“Why are you taking the side of terrorists?” or even better, “if you don’t like America, leave it, move to Iran you fukin’ traitor.”

Oscar Wilde was right, “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”

We are the United States of Amnesia.

We don’t learn from our past mistakes. We wrap the flag around our gullible little heads and submit to the agenda-driven narratives like good little obedient citizens.

As Hunter S. Thompson so poignantly put it, “When the Pentagon feels free and even gleeful about killing anybody and Everybody who gets in the way of their vicious crusade for oil, the public soul of this country has changed forever, and professional sports is only a serenade for the death of the American dream.”

I’ll end this with a very brief history of how US and Iranian relations have ended up where it’s at today and then I’ll link to some important articles and books that’ll help wade thru the propaganda soup laid out before you.

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Knowledge is Power?


“We are surrounded by mystery, by what we don’t know and,
more dramatically, by what we can’t know.

~ Marcelo Gleiser

When I was young, I was told by the caring grownups around me that “knowledge is power.”

My parents told me this, my teachers, and the silly politicians I saw on TV even mouthed these sentiments.

I remember the grey-haired preacher man on Sunday mornings telling the congregation to always “seek the truth.” He never gave a levelheaded description of what that truth actually was, but he wanted us to seek it.

So I did.

I’m a curious creature by nature and I love life and wanted to know about the world I live in. I wanted to understand human nature to its core.  I wanted to know why we go to war, cry, love, hate, believe, and fear.  Where we came from and why we so easily give our allegiance to so many symbols and idols outside of ourselves. Why we cling to belief systems that limit our brief lives in the here and now in hopes of a better afterlife. Continue reading

Go Back To Sleep America


“In war, truth is the first casualty.”

It just came out recently that hundreds
of US Officials including three
sitting presidents, yes, even the
one you adore today (he can’t be bought!!)
or the one you worshiped before (Change!!)
knowingly lied out of their teeth
to you and I and the rest of the American
people about the motives, cost, and purpose
of the war in Afghanistan.

This went on since the beginning.
It was an unwinnable war since the start
and the war wagers knew it all along
and they still sent our youth over there
to die with zero objectives.

The longest war in American history —
two trillion dollars
three thousand American deaths
and the murders in your name
of more than 150,000
innocent Afghans.

But no one cares.

No one cares as long as the lies feed
into our illusions and superstitions
of our home-brewed reality, it’s ok.

We’re patriots. We never question war.
We obey and comply. We’re patriots.
War is good. War keeps us safe.
Jesus loves war too.

No one will be punished for this holocaust.

No one will be held accountable
for the hundreds of thousands
of senseless deaths.

No one cares too much that our
children are being ordered to die for lies
in foreign lands to fatten the pockets
of the sociopaths that sent them
over there.

Over a hundred active construction projects
in Afghanistan worth more than $110 million
in development funds.

Go back to sleep America.

Never question anything, America.
Your government is in control
and they have
your best interest at heart.
Just keep waving your flags and singing
your anthems and shopping…

Ignore Hemingway even though he was
right: “in modern war, there is nothing
sweet nor fitting in your dying.
You will die like a dog for
no good reason.”

Go back to sleep America.



to be a spiritual drifter like Jesus,
a vagabond who has no country,
no home, to be in commune,
like Thoreau, with nothing
but the divine soul
of nature, enriched
with little,
to need nothing,
to triumph in solitude,
to evade, at all costs,
the desperate state
of his fellow man
who is glutted to bone
with cheap comforts
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