The Way

Sitting out here all alone in the soft light
of a beautiful blue sky morning in the south,
I can see it: the escape.

The way.

If you follow this grassy footpath here,
it cuts through the endless charades
of the everyday world and leads you
to a lush little forest.
And as you enter this forest
at the darkest point,
a transcendence occurs,
and there’s an explosion
of indescribable bliss
that sends shockwaves
through your fragile heart,
and the ego dissolves, and
suddenly, you’re hoisted out
of the illusive polarities of the profane
and into the divine realm of
unimaginable love
and grace.

And it’s here that the gates of Eden slowly
creak open. There’s a calm breeze. The
lilacs and jasmine and tulips
are in full bloom under
the moon.

And as you open your reborn eyes for the first time,
the unseen side of reality is revealed, the voice
of salvation is heard, the golden eternity.
And now that you broke through,
it’s time to come back.

And when you come back to this world,
you are forever changed. You are
now a deconditioned force,
the unseeing of the seeing,
a beacon of light on the hazy shores
of the tumultuous seas of life,
guiding the disoriented ships
back home.

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