Get Off Your Knees — It’s the Archaic Revival

Art: Justin Estcourt

The long night of human history
is drawing at last to
its conclusion.

— Terence McKenna

Look at how politicized
we’ve all become
these days.

Look at the barbed wire
and the needless shit
that surrounds our
unpoetic lives.

Look at the vast idiocy
we see in the cities and
on our screens.

Look at us —
inattentive drudges,
heavy on information yet
starved of intuition and
insight, paralyzed by
irrational fear.

Hardly anyone thinks or feels
outside the group or the party
or the race or the nation
they belong to.

Critical thinking is irreparable
and our readymade opinions
are quite expected
along with the synthetic
desires we hold.

Even the most intelligent minds
among us lean towards conformity —
particularly when their careers
and reputations depend on it.

Institutional compliance
trumps truth-seeking.

Social media algorithms
nurture our biases and
predispositions, managing
our will and amplifying
our delusions.

the virus has ramped up
human indecencies to an
unimaginable intensity —
extreme tribalism, greed, stupidity,
callousness, and an unthinking
allegiance to authority.

and Fox News
are laughable entities
that finagle the worldviews
of the feeble-minded.

The worst among us are the
smug censors who shut down
inquiry in the name of protection;
those who’ve deceived themselves
with bought and paid for

Our massive institutions today
want to keep the brilliant light
of your consciousness buried
deep in the partisan mud.

They want you in debt and
highly medicated. They want
you over-politicized and
and spiritually crippled
like most of us have

They rely on your dependency
to thrive. They don’t want you
to take charge of your own health,
or your own finances, or your
own mind, body, and soul.

No, No, No.

They want you weak and lethargic,
regurgitating mottos, outraged,
gulping down copious amounts
of pharmaceuticals while forever
sitting in front of screens
airing out your petty grievances,
scrolling away the hours
of your trance-like life.

They know they have you.

That’s why they threaten to throw you
behind bars if you ever stray too far
from their narrative.

That’s why they get away with sending
our youth overseas to die for lies
while deeming you a threat for asking
too many questions

That’s why they spy on your tendencies
and have you on constant surveillance
and know what desires you inhabit,
and you’re okay with it because
it’s for your safety, you tell

They want you to FEAR because they know
that hate is born out of fear. And with our
deep-seated fears, we are impotent
and shoot arrows at each other
as they sit back and watch
with glee.

I can’t help but be reminded of the poetic
lyrics of a great Bob Dylan song:

Sometimes I think this whole world
Is one big prison yard
Some of us are prisoners
The rest of us are guards

How do we revive the art of living
inside this dysfunctional culture?
How do we revitalize the human soul
before it’s too late?

Perhaps it comes with a
renunciation of it all.

Get off your knees.
Consume less — media and material.
Detach yourself from the charade.
Use your unique mind to express
yourself. Take control of your own life.
Your own consciousness. Quit feeding it
shit. Quit following gurus and politicians
and leaders and start listening to the
whispers of your own BEING.

Instead of waiting around for the
return of Christ, recognize
the Christ within.

Get off your knees.

It’s time.

It’s time for a mystical reimagining,
a reconnection to the essential,
a recapturing of the authentic,
a reevaluation of the validity
of reality, an Archaic Revival —
what Terence Mckenna called
“the process of reawakening
awareness of traditional
attitudes toward

There’s no bureaucracy or institution
coming to set things right.

It’s on you and me.

Unlearning is our salvation —
a heedful defiance
of the junk values perpetuated
by an egocentric culture.

But it takes a little guts and hard work
to reevaluate what’s been embedded
in us since birth. It takes a willing
crucifixion to commit yourself
to the tormenting task of
yourself from the
“dehumanizing values”
handed down to us as
“control icons.”

Most of us are just a tad too
busy, secure, comfortable,
or set in our ways to
take on the task.

So here we are…

Uneasy and restless, always on
the move, forever running away
from our inner reality,
into the enticing door
of the cultural


I’ll end with the words of the great poet,
Rainer Maria Rilke:

“If we surrendered
to earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted,
like trees.

Instead we entangle ourselves
in knots of our own making
and struggle, lonely and

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