you’re not gonna change it, darlin’



the world is in disarray, darlin’,
and that’s the way it always has been
and always will be. this is its normal state,
it’s tragic and fascinating at the same time.

the vast fields of gold & honey
are encircled by raging rivers
of blood and tears.

you’re not going to change it, darlin’.

I know your college professors have
plagued your mind with subversive ideas
of change; change at a cost of yielding
your essence to the false idol of “equality”,
but’s it’s a lie, darlin’, I promise you…
the unintended consequences will be far worse
than the evils you’re trying to eradicate.

you have animosity & rage
building up within you,
you’re becoming corrupted by your beliefs,
this sometimes happens
when a belief system is in doubt,
can’t you see it, darlin’?

can’t you see what you’re becoming?

instead of listening and pondering the rationale
of opposing voices, you want them silenced.
you routinely inject a dose of ad hominem
as a scapegoat to divert attention away
from the debate, you erect a strawman, lumping
your opponents into detestable groups
to muddy up their character instead of
dealing face to face with the argument.

this is what you’ve become.

they’ve molded you into an instrument
in someone else’s symphony. a pawn in
someone else’s game. refuse, darlin’
don’t lose yourself to some odious ideology
that breeds resentment towards the
hierarchical structure you find yourself in,
it’s a no-win situation.

I promise you, darlin’
you’re not going to smash the system
you’re not going to alter it
you’re not going to level it out.
your time & energy are too precious
to waste on such a futile endeavor.

because in truth, we’re all just thrown
into this chaotic catastrophe as lost
transients who take on a few
decades of its infinite expansion.

endless suffering, prejudices,
and inequity are part of the game
darlin’, they’re inescapable
in a world of duplicitous hearts,
where that fine line rifts between
good and evil.

so go ahead, clamor for more laws,
shun your neighbors and cling tighter
to your predictable politics, give up
a little more in exchange for the illusion
of security, write your congressman,
join the trendy campaign, hashtag
your way straight to utopia, darlin’

sermonize to us all on social media
like you do so well

keep it up

tell us the way of the world,
tell us what the philosophers
neglected to inform us
tell us our proper role
on this unforgiving planet
tell us your bland ideas
tell us your irrational fears
tell us your cunning pleas

however, darlin’, you’re not going
to change it, your groupthink,
herd-minded viewpoints are voiced
loud and clear, but it means nothing.

your resentment of the flourishing
makes you a victim of a deep-seated
nihilistic despair, and instead of trying
to rise through the muck, you yearn to bring
everyone down to your pathetic level.

you were taught this to be virtuous, noble,
you’ve come to despise the individual,
you’ve come to hate him, which is
why you mimic the masses and castoff
responsibility for your own miserable life.

you’ve been caught up in the cobwebs
of your culture, darlin’. you’re too weak
to push through. they’ve got you.

this is why you’re bitter and saturated
with an anti-realist belief system.
the way you perceive outer reality
is just a reflection of your inner world.

the only REAL thing you can do
is change who you are.

behave in little ways
to make yourself a
healthier, wiser
more creative

you have to go at it alone, though.
the majority, the crowd, is never right.

think bigger, reflect deeper, speak truthfully,
take on a bigger load, put some skin
in the game. find out who you are,
fix your unlived, broken self
first, before you attempt
in some vain way
to save the

it’s the only way.


Among the Daffodils


My face is beginning to show
the battle scars of time. My heart
seems to care less for things
I once held as relevant. As the years
unravel, things make less sense.

The hangovers last a few days now
instead of a few hours. Beautiful
dreams once lucid are now blurred.
The idea of God weakens with every
atrocious deed I see in the world.

Politics is a hopeless endeavor
just like our obscene habit
of obedience. The debt bubble
we’ve swallowed as “prosperity”
is on the verge. The wars have
grown tiresome, nobody cares
about them anymore.

Everybody is trying to sell
a lifestyle; they want you live
like them; they want you to buy
their life-changing product
or get behind their great cause;
they have the secret, they say,
just follow them.

The church wants confessions but I think
we’re all out. The witless hipsters ride
vintage bikes on Brooklyn sidewalks
to coffee shops that were once
brothels and asylums.

Overmedicated & indebted men
find it difficult to have conversations
beyond their jobs or college football.
Women do yoga on weekends and gossip
on long walks about husbands
who’ve lost that intestinal fortitude.

The 88-year-old man, with his retirement
and dignity wasted away by inflation, bags
groceries at the corner supermarket
to pay for his myriad of medications.

The dogs have grown bored of their masters.
The cats gave up on us long ago. The sparrows
flutter higher in the sky than they used to.

The books of Whitman, Emerson
and Thoreau sit dusty on bookshelves
as the television scorches and burns.

Where’s the promise of victory?

We’re being led somewhere
by the outside far away
from the treasure inside.

As the tribes’ march in lockstep
to their ordered destination,
I lie in the meadow
just beyond the bloody streams
surrounded by golden daffodils,
as the rain rinses me of oblivion
I’m lifted from the hollow abyss
into the universal radiance
where the five senses
become one.

the plague of obedience

The biggest tragedy of the 20th century
wasn’t the World Wars, or Hitlerism, Nazism,
Stalinism or Leninism. Those were just symptoms.
The biggest tragedy was obedience.
Totalitarian regimes can’t exist
if people refuse to seek political solutions
for their problems. Millions wouldn’t
have been slaughtered if soldiers
and police would’ve rejected orders
from their political masters. Obedience,
if you think about it,
is not a virtue at all.
It’s a plague
that has been the root of everything evil
in the last 100 years. What folks didn’t
understand back then, as we don’t today,
is that despotism and power can easily
be crushed if only people refuse
to offer their consent to be governed
by anyone except themselves.
Radical idea, right?

Peace or Violence?

The society you can choose to live in really comes down to this:

You can choose to transact with your fellow-man through voluntary association and peaceful trade with an emphasis on protecting private-property rights; or you can agree to have an arbitrary power overseeing these transactions that would restrict you and others by force in a way that would benefit these overlords and their interests. One society is rooted in voluntarism and peaceful trade; the other is rooted in violence and exploitation. Forget political parties, it really just comes down to this.

Shots Fired

“Shots fired in DC”
was plastered on my television
for hours it seemed
something bad must be going down
something bad indeed
I turned it off
because the coverage was too murky
and the pundits were too speculative
later that night
as the sun was setting
and the dinner dishes were cleaned
I turned back on the television
figuring the story was polished up
for our knowing
I found out
that the “shots fired in DC”
were from the police
and the police only,
they had killed an
dental hygienist
from Connecticut
they said she was mad, or
mentally unhinged
and crazy,
in her madness
she had driven recklessly
in the Holy City
she had not listened to the officers,
maybe she was scared
or her insanity had flared up
or she was confused
but she is dead,
and apparently,
the hellacious crime
of bad driving habits
warrants the punishment
of assassination,
as with Lenin’s Russia
as with Hitler’s Germany
we were also told
she had a baby in the car,
this is the same car
that was riddled
with bullets from the police
who knew there was a
baby in the car–
the tragedy…
as America watched
on television
from their comfortable little homes
a poor orphan in the making
hearts were numb
outrage was absent
christian eyes looked the other way
and the people
with their busy lives
cheered her death
“she deserved it” they yelled
she was crazy
she didn’t obey
and congress
with their many vices
gave a standing ovation
to the heroic officers who killed
this defenseless young mother,
this is America
and we are Americans
go back to your bars
to drown your conscience
go back to your churches
to misdirect your empathy
go back to your jobs
that you despise
go back to your clubs
that make you feel special
go back to sleep America
there is nothing to see here.

The Secret to Life

The secret to life
is to destroy desire
and to conquer fear,
obey your inner soul
and break away from the herd.
Realities are in your dreams
and Dreams conceal the real you,
the you which has not been brought to life yet.
If we can rise above pettiness
the world is ours,
walk away from strife,
the world is ours,
you were snatched from eternity
for this exact moment,
this circus was created
for you
and you only
the sun rises
for you
the tree sprouts from a seed
for you
The ocean rescinds its tide
for you.
We are so much more grandeur
than society leads us to believe.
The meaning to life is what you bring it,
and the separation from our fellow humans
is nothing but a false perception of the mind
shaped by culture,
and organized religion.
We’re all one
no matter what all
the major institutions
might have us believe,
we are all one.
And once we grasp this,
I mean truly grasp this,
we’d finally discover
that the secret to life
is so very simple.

I Seek the Sun

exiled from the garden
of bleak innocence
into the world of duality
fear and desire
keep us from returning
to the Paradise
that was once our essence

centuries ensued
with poetic myths
wetting the appetite
of mankind’s yearning
for a transcendent belief
and meaning
to console the limitations
of our learning

the dreadful Fall
leaves us all petrified,
fear of afterlife condemnations
for being alive
irrational threats
from hypocritical pulpits
to those who don’t worship
a conscious metaphor in the sky

most look up
in search of the divine
instead of looking inside,
where we’d find
the celestial power
that makes us whole
the true God
within our soul

And now…

modern day has arrived
like a cold winter
the fog of despair
keeps out the light
empty souls plunder
their weekly earnings
on objects of craving
that fails to delight

now everyone lives
how they’re told to live
instead living lives
that they wish they did
and they turn to pills
for their discontent
to fly them to a place
that seems heaven sent

the people are all genius
of the news of the day
and survive behind
a veneer of pretensions
we participate in the evil
that we preach against
with disarrayed minds
and dulled senses

products of mass entertainment
holding opinions that aren’t our own
easily conformed to the insanity of culture
pleased to be warriors
for causes unknown

but the time is now as it always is
to revolutionize our minds
and rekindle that fiery flame
that’s been suffocated over time

true reality is our unity with all life
and all life forms feed off death
so we must die to live on
we must die into the night
and like the sun, we rise!
reborn with the dawn

Until then…

moonlight sins devour my conscious, while
morning dew drips from hungover dreams
damn the sun, the sun has risen
to meet bloodshot eyes of the redeemed
the foggy haze of an exotic night
has inflamed the shadow deeply hidden
seems like,
in embracing the darkness
of that weary night,
we resurrect that long
ago, faded light.

“I dreamed my genesis in sweat of death, fallen
Twice in the feeding sea, grown
Stale of Adam’s brine until, vision
Of new man strength, I seek the sun.”