In Our Time

lost-in-crowdIn our time, groupthink triumphs.

Individualism is chipped away.  Everything is politicized, even our way of thinking. Intelligent dialogues are hushed or labeled hate speech. Pointing out biological differences between genders will get you fired from the great companies. Forced diversity is god.

Victimization and oppression are predicaments sought after rather than circumstances to overcome. Higher education is indentured servitude. Consumption exceeds production. The truth is relative, they say.

The people — mostly weak-minded and deprived of basic cognitive skills — have divided themselves into compatible congregations. In debt and greatly medicated, they flock to groups to deflect responsibility for their own lives. They are envious of the strong, full of resentment towards the great producers of society. And name calling and ridicule are hurled at those who refuse to dance within the narrow confines of their conditioned narratives.

It’s a hell of a time, this postmodernist netherworld we live in.



If you’re too fat
It’s a disease
If you’re too skinny
It’s a disease
If you’re unhappy
It’s a disease
If your child acts like a child
It’s a disease
If you love sex
It’s a disease
If you drink too much
If you smoke too much
If you think too much
It’s a disease
that must be medicated
either with meetings
or pills.
You must be medicated
to bring you back
into the ranks of society.
Your kids must be medicated
for asking too many questions in school,
they must remain silent to be educated.

Critical thinkers are laughed at
and called conspiracy theorists.
Advocates for peace
are deemed unpatriotic.
Rethinking the status quo
is looked upon with derision.
Questioning authority
will get you thrown in jail.
is a necessity of the people.
Principles are muddled,
Mothers long to be
their daughters,
Children worship
debauched celebrities,
Executions of the harmless
are applauded and cheered,
Convictions are found
only in courtrooms,
Wisdom is learned
through bumper stickers,
Mindless babble
passes for political debate,
“Rights” are defined
as a material substance,
Important books
are left unread,
Uncertainty rules the day,
Fear controls the masses.