I Don’t Believe You

I don’t believe you,
you with maimed souls
sermonizing from high up
in your ivory towers,
you pretend purveyors of justice,
you apostles of false purity who
deliberately misconstrue your
impotence for prudence,
you morose molesters of the lifeblood
who spew mindless mantras
and parade around labels
that you convert to absolutes,
you who attempt to garble truths
to accommodate your
muddled worldview —
to massage your feeble sensibilities,
falsifying human existence
to make virtue out of your fragility,
you crusaders of sterility,
you champions of censorship
who sneer beneath banners,
detesting everything
that reeks of vitality
as you type away
with uncalloused fingers
in the basement of life, waging
digital war on a world
that you’re too frail-spirited
to revel in.

His Only Victory

He’s a good man but he believes in politics 
and therefore, an irrational man.

Not a dumb man by any means 
but a man 
like a staunch believer
at a tent revival, his hands 
are raised for the taking.
He’s a man whose mind 
is pummeled with certainties 
and thus, dead to 
new truths.

He gives unwavering allegiance 
to a certain political party 
in spite of all its corruption 
and culpabilities 
and will defend these vices 
by voicing that the other party 
has countless more.

You’ll see him on most days, 
bored and defeated, 
posting clichéd political memes 
on his little social media 
account that hardly anyone 

His only victory.

He doesn’t post to inform people, 
or bring forth a fresh perspective, 
no no no, 
his only goal is to point out the other party’s
hypocrisies and evilness while remaining 
completely blind and silent to his own.

He swims in a vast sea of manufactured
lies spawned from the party line. His only 
aim is to seek out information that 
confirms his biases.

He’s a good man but he believes in politics 
and therefore, an unprincipled man.

He’s only against war if the other party wages it.
He’s only for a program if his own party advocates it.
Different points of view are deemed “conspiratorial.”

He’s not after the truth or justice or mercy
even though he’ll constantly tell you he is.

If the solution lies on the other side of the 
political spectrum, not only will he 
refuse to acknowledge it, he’ll double down 
on his own misguided stance and will 
hurl childlike insults to any

perhaps after a glass of wine or two,
he’ll have the gall to try to convert 
those on the outside over to his 
delusional side of the issue.

His only victory.

He won’t lift a finger to help 
because his opinions are all that’s 
required for change.

He’s a conformist disguised as a revolutionary. 
A hoodwinked citizen cloaked in enlightenment. 
A man who identifies his sense of being 
with the existing institutional entities.

He’s a man that Nietzsche long ago predicted 
would eventually arise - the last man. 
A man who sits more than he moves. 
A man who regurgitates slogans 
because he’s incapable of grappling with
the complexity of new ideas
and concepts.

He’s a good man but an unheroic man 
floundering in his own sloth. A man 
who looks to politics for salvation. 
A man who hasn’t fucked his wife 
in months. A man who despises 
the current system but lives 
lavishly within it.

When the evening comes 
you will surely find him 
in the dark corner of his home 
typing away his latest political diatribe, 
his grinning face lit up by the screen, 
his wife, alone in bed,
reaching into the nightstand, 
slightly opening her legs, 
as the soft vibration purrs 
into the night…
her only victory.

It’s Not the Job of Politicians to Keep You Safe


“But what does it mean, the plague?
It’s life, that’s all.”

― Albert Camus, The Plague

It’s not the job of politicians to keep you safe.

The petty tyrants that supposedly “represent” us along with the stooges in charge of our failing institutions are criminally incompetent. They have been for a long time.

Their loyalty lies elsewhere. They’ve been bought and paid for a long time ago. So don’t go on blindly chaining yourself to their hunches and commands. It could be deadly. It could end in servitude. Forever.

And don’t go on chastising or demeaning those who might be skeptical of these powers. Don’t be a sheep and regurgitate what you saw on CNN or Fox News. Don’t be one of those people who rat on their neighbors for being in their front yards or who are not adhering to the totalitarian restrictions passed down to us from the same people who’ve been lying from day 1.

As James Corbett wrote today: “People imagine that when the boots-on-the-ground tyranny arrives, it will be enforced by the police or the military. Newsflash: the boots-on-the-ground tyranny is here, and it is being enforced by your neighbors, Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom.”

Make it a point to sift through the rampant propaganda that’s being perpetuated every single day.

Understand that with every great crisis lies underlying objectives. These type of global and national crises are manufactured to serve the interests of nefarious players.

9/11, Iraq War, and the crash of 2008 are prime examples. History is littered with endless more.

As one lucid, well-informed writer, Caitlin Johnstone, Tweeted recently:

“The 1st draft of the Patriot Act was rolled out a week after 9/11. Does anyone really believe they gathered all the necessary information and wrote hundreds of pages in one week from scratch? Does anyone believe there aren’t pre-planned authoritarian agendas being rolled out now?”

The great consolidation of even greater wealth and power is happening right before our very eyes.

It’s up to you to keep vigilant and immensely aware of your surroundings.

As the great H.L. Mencken reminded us, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

The totalitarian restrictions, the lockdowns, the vast money printing, and the corporate bailouts are here to stay. There’s nothing more fukin’ permanent than a temporary government program, historically speaking. And the Bill of Rights will continue to take a beaten.

And the people will be OK with the further erosion of their freedoms because it’ll be sold to them under the banner of safety and the “common good.”

Be mindful, shed your politics, turn off cable news, get your vitamin D, bask in nature, and choose for yourself to do the safe and efficient things for you and your community.

The healthier you are, the harder it is for a virus to kill you. The more rebellious you are in thought, the harder it’ll be to corral you into the herd-minded nonsense we’re seeing all around us.

Be safe. Stay free. And remember: “Bogus fears can produce real servitude.”

Quarantine Blues


It’s springtime in the south and the world outside my house is closed for business. Billions of people are on lockdown.

An unforeseen pandemic has brought the modern world to its unscarred knees. Our freedoms and the busyness of our lives have been postponed until further notice.

Such a precarious situation we all find ourselves in today. Such a tragedy for so many of us in this already crazy world. And it will likely get worse before it gets better.

We live in the age of information, or better yet, the age of conflicting information; or even better, the age of misinformation.

In spite of a lot of babbling from social media philosophers and so-called “public officials”, no one really seems to know what the fuck is going on.

Most are completely clueless on how to deal with such a grave problem that so many people were unprepared for. Even governments. Even you. Continue reading

With the Truth, One Cannot Live



with the truth, one cannot live –
the truth, in its naked form,
is too terrible to bear. we
tell stories and require illusions
to dilute the agony of the truth.
our gods
our history
our nation
our science
even our own selves
are mere stories we tell
to reduce the dreadful terror
of our unavoidable
we must falsify reality
to live as sane, functional
individuals in reality –
we must repress and deny
our deep desires and
sense of being
in order to get along
in the cultural lie.
the bureaucratic guardians of falsity
the faceless chaperons of fables
the theologians
the educators
the politicians
are merely the mouthpieces
of the institutions that
protect us from
grimly disguised
as representatives
of it.

Go Back To Sleep America


“In war, truth is the first casualty.”

It just came out recently that hundreds
of US Officials including three
sitting presidents, yes, even the
one you adore today (he can’t be bought!!)
or the one you worshiped before (Change!!)
knowingly lied out of their teeth
to you and I and the rest of the American
people about the motives, cost, and purpose
of the war in Afghanistan.

This went on since the beginning.
It was an unwinnable war since the start
and the war wagers knew it all along
and they still sent our youth over there
to die with zero objectives.

The longest war in American history —
two trillion dollars
three thousand American deaths
and the murders in your name
of more than 150,000
innocent Afghans.

But no one cares.

No one cares as long as the lies feed
into our illusions and superstitions
of our home-brewed reality, it’s ok.

We’re patriots. We never question war.
We obey and comply. We’re patriots.
War is good. War keeps us safe.
Jesus loves war too.

No one will be punished for this holocaust.

No one will be held accountable
for the hundreds of thousands
of senseless deaths.

No one cares too much that our
children are being ordered to die for lies
in foreign lands to fatten the pockets
of the sociopaths that sent them
over there.

Over a hundred active construction projects
in Afghanistan worth more than $110 million
in development funds.

Go back to sleep America.

Never question anything, America.
Your government is in control
and they have
your best interest at heart.
Just keep waving your flags and singing
your anthems and shopping…

Ignore Hemingway even though he was
right: “in modern war, there is nothing
sweet nor fitting in your dying.
You will die like a dog for
no good reason.”

Go back to sleep America.

Fewer Leaders


I’d burn every goddamn flag in this world
if it’d help people realize we’re all one.

We need fewer leaders and more individuals.
Fewer anthems and more community. Less blind
obedience and more awareness. We need to
turn off the news and wake the fuck up
to our true potential as human beings.

This world will continue to be a slaughterhouse
as long as you let these half-baked political
demagogues influence you.

The reason that there are no solutions
is because no one is asking the
right questions. And this
irrational division we see
today is doing nothing but
instigating the next
senseless slaughter.

Pathetic Patriots


 Is there anything more pathetic
than one who believes
that their race or nation
is the “greatest” merely
because they were
accidentally born
into it?

Having zealous pride in something
that’s totally out of your hands
is not only a sure sign
of weakness and inferiority
but a blatant display
of narcissistic

You’re not fit
for the human

God’s in Control?


The good-natured people tell us to not worry about certain situations in life because “God’s in control.”

I have to admit, I cringe a little every time I hear this.

I understand it’s a convenient way of subscribing to hope during difficulties in life. I know that history and the truth of things aren’t fresh on the minds of those who attend church on Sunday’s, followed by a delicious little brunch, and go home to air-conditioned homes to scroll on social media.

I do understand this. But it still leaves me perplexed as to how these good people can so easily pawn everything off — good or evil — as merely God’s plan.

I wanna ask so desperately but in polite way if they’ve ever picked up a history book.

Do they not know about the butcheries, the utter carnage, the atrocities, the vast bloodbath that is the history of the human race? Isn’t history, as James Joyce so keenly put, a nightmare from which we are all trying to awake?

“God’s in control.”

Have they not invested time to study the holocaust, the Red Terror, the 65 million Chinese people slain as a result of Mao’s merciless attempts to create heaven on earth?

Do they not know of the millions upon millions of children sold into sex slavery each year — the rapes, the wars, the senseless killings, the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis that has ravaged the lives of millions?

“God’s in control.”

Have they not been paying attention to the world around them?

Don’t they realize that the human race has resided on this planet for roughly 250,000 years, and all that time — almost every bit of it — the majority of the people have either died in childbirth or were tortured by a ghastly disease that killed them off before the age of 25 years old?

“God’s in control.”

Wonder if they realize that of all species that have existed on Earth, 99.9 percent are now extinct due likely to five cataclysmic earthly events. That’s completely mind boggling.

“God’s in control.”

Have they not had the guts to ponder why billions of people were murdered by the same governments that the Bible tells them are ordained by God?

“God’s in control.”

Well then, maybe it’s time for someone else to take the reins.

Like you.

You Know What Makes the 4th of July So Sexy?


Rebellion, man.

The Declaration of Independence,
as cherished as it is, was an illegal
approach to preserve the dignity
and freedom of the individual.

It was an act considered treasonous and
deemed unpatriotic by most of the
compliant colonists.

If you were alive then, you would have
probably been against our independence.
That was the position held by many
good citizens of the times.

Let us not celebrate the belligerent empire
America has become —  the exact thing
the Founders worked so hard
to prevent.

Let us not celebrate our powerful national
government and the immense police state
we’re all subject to — a government
that functions against our wishes
and devoid of our consent.

Let us not celebrate this abstract
notion of freedom that we naively
believe we have.

Instead, let the 4th stand as a reminder
that it’s not always prudent to be
a law-abiding citizen.

It’s a day we honor the outlaws,
bootleggers, farmers, whores,
merchants, and drunks, who
took up arms & withdrew their
consent to be governed by
domineering politicians.

Let us drink to the wise and courageous
“traitors” who forged one of the
greatest rebuttals of state power
in the history of the world.

Let us celebrate the great
poetic outlaw, Thomas Jefferson,
and his searing words of defiance.

We celebrate not the birth of a nation,
but a split from one.

Happy Secession Day.