the plague of obedience

The biggest tragedy of the 20th century
wasn’t the World Wars, or Hitlerism, Nazism,
Stalinism or Leninism. Those were just symptoms.
The biggest tragedy was obedience.
Totalitarian regimes can’t exist
if people refuse to seek political solutions
for their problems. Millions wouldn’t
have been slaughtered if soldiers
and police would’ve rejected orders
from their political masters. Obedience,
if you think about it,
is not a virtue at all.
It’s a plague
that has been the root of everything evil
in the last 100 years. What folks didn’t
understand back then, as we don’t today,
is that despotism and power can easily
be crushed if only people refuse
to offer their consent to be governed
by anyone except themselves.
Radical idea, right?

Passion is Sexy



Passion is sexy as hell. It’s those who’re passionate about something,
anything, everything; those are the ones for me. Lively, intriguing
and untamable. I love people who say profound things, who can have
a philosophical chat while drinking themselves silly; who immerse
themselves entirely in their dreams and refuse to have their soul
killed off by the mundane. This is where it’s at, man. Life is an
experience, not a set of rules or beliefs. Our lives are
the fruits of our own doings, so do the extraordinary.

Do You Really Deserve Anything?


Too many people in this damn world believe that just because of the mere fact they’re breathing warrants them a good life. In this pharmaceutical induced, self-help therapeutic age we live in, people think they deserve to be happy, that they deserve to be paid well, that they deserve to live a comfortable life. And they think they’re owed all these things without effort. They sit on the couch after a long day at a job they despise, get on Facebook or watch television and cannot figure out why life sucks. They believe they deserve more than this. They did everything they were supposed to do, and still they feel like something is missing. They believe that they deserve more. But they deserve exactly what they have.

Life’s hard, man—for all species. Life is a constant struggle. It takes sweat, blood and an initiative to change your lot in life. It takes guts. It takes effort. It takes a willing to pursue and explore the unknown. Instead of begging the State to up the minimum-wage laws, why don’t you enhance your skill level, learn more, put in the work that’ll boost your value. Rather than complain about how unhappy your relationship is, or how rough life is, decide right now that you’ll no longer live like this. Make the decision right now. If you hate the fact that you’re overweight, get off the damn computer, throw out the TV and get moving. Get under a squat bar and lift. Be accountable for what you put in your mouth. Live with purpose. Set goals, and go get em’. If you don’t have time, overhaul your priorities. Get up earlier, read more, find what you love and commit to it.

You and I don’t deserve any damn thing in this life except the outcomes from the sweat we put into it. Life isn’t about receiving; it’s about going after it. Nothing worth a damn was ever gotten at no cost. It’s the effort put in to achieving whatever it is you set your mind to that puts true value in it. If you’ve been unhappy for the last few years it’s because you enjoy the misery. If you’re broke all the time while squandering all your spare time fucking around, you deserve to be broke. I know people get dealt a shitty hand in this world. I do. The world is mad. But you’re not the only one. Life sucks for most people in the world. It’s dreadful. Dig down deep and find that place of bliss and use it to fertilize your ambition to overcome your circumstances. It’s tough, but it has been done throughout the ages. Do it.

Be the person like those you looked up to as a child. Stay away from the news and reality shows, they kill the mind. Stay clear of those negative people in your life, they’ll drag you into the pits of their misery. And remember something–moderation is bullshit, let your dreams consume you. All the way. What is stopping you?


Are you avoiding the vital pain needed for renewal?

Pain is a lot like fear. If you focus too much on it, it devours you. If you try to avoid it, it shackles you to a life of the mundane. It kills any potential for growth and transformation–physically and mentally. Pain, like fear, is the ultimate deathtrap. It’s the mad ones who work through it, through the pain, through the fear, through the insecurity, who thrive and make a notable impact in this world. Be mad always.

Remember, you don’t deserve shit. Not a damn thing. Nobody does. It’s up to us to go get it. You want happiness; shed the things in your life that are making you unhappy. Never be content with an average life. It’s your decision. Find your passion, set fire to it and change your life. You will never truly be alive until you live fully now. Until you make your own decisions and follow a path that is strictly your own, you’ll always be discontent. Don’t worry about society, it’ll always respond negatively to your new quest. Separate yourself from the crowd and focus on what you want. Learn to be fearless. Be skeptical. If the crowd is doing it, break away.

Remember, you don’t deserve anything.

Go get it anyways.

Art and Suicide

“The passion for destruction is also a creative passion.”
— Bakunin

“The road to creativity passes so close to the madhouse and often detours or ends there.”
― Ernest Becker

True artists are a different breed. They don’t live conventional lives or think conventional thoughts. Their art is inseparable from who they are.

Artists like Robin Williams have this unique ability to tap into the deepest caverns of the human condition and reveal it to the world. They live from within, from the center. They are mad– they have to be.

Painters, writers, poets, sculptors, and comedians all are. Williams was brilliant, but his art was dying. When an artist sees this happening and recognizes that their purpose, their creativity, their art, is dwindling, it’s the end. The final act. Some hang on miserably, or end up in mad houses, or cope with drugs & alcohol.

Some, unfortunately like Williams and many more,  grow unbearably weary from the daily rage against the dying of the light within. They fall deep into depression, a depression so dreadful that they choose the ultimate end.  But every man and woman have their reasons for every act they choose to do in life. Even the last.

As the beautifully mad poet Sylvia Plath once wrote prior to her suicide, “Dying / Is an art, like everything else.” And the great novelist Carson McCullers, “How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?”

With all the outrage and criticisms of Williams’ suicide hurled from simpletons who lack the basic understanding of the complexity of the human being, I’m reminded of a short poem by Charles Bukowski:

Cause and Effect

the best often die by their own hand
just to get away,
and those left behind
can never quite understand
why anybody
would ever want to
get away

RIP Robin Williams

The Parasite

You supply me the needs for my existence.

I feed off of you. I take a great portion of the fruits of your labor. And you remain silent while I do this. I force you to comply with all my demands and laws, and you think you’re a good citizen for obeying. I restrict and regulate the interactions you have with your fellow countrymen and you think that I’m protecting you. I have a monopoly over the currency you earn, and I devalue it year after year to benefit me. At the expense of you. I control the curriculum that your kids learn from. I teach children a version of history that makes them crave me in the future. I have their minds in the palm of my hand from the day you surrender them to me. I get to decide if what I’m doing is lawful or not. And you buy it. I trick your sons and daughters into joining my ranks to fight my wars which inflate my power. And when I fight these beneficial wars, I restrict your freedom at home. And you don’t mind. You defend me still. Your kids pledge to me in classrooms every morning. You sing hymns to me before sporting events. You love and worship me. You look to me to solve all your hardships. And sometimes I do, because I know I’ll have you for life. I give your hard-earned money to people who don’t work, because they help keep me in power. I give your money to powerful corporations who I work with to keep you highly misinformed. You can’t even begin to imagine a world without me. I control your mind and your heart.  And that little minority out there who knows all this, I will attempt to destroy. But I don’t have to, because you’ll do it for me. You will defend me until your dying day. I’m your master and you’re my willing slave. And you believe yourself noble for this. The funny thing is, you think that you’re free. And you brag about this freedom that you think you have. It’s amusing. But in all truth, without you, I couldn’t exist.


empty bottles as her final audience

I rarely watch television.
Bored one day, I turned it on.
Flipped through the channels
for a bit and stopped on an
old classic movie.

What paralyzed my finger
was the face of a beautiful
young woman.

She was striking.

The movie was called
Seven Men from Now.
It came out the same year
as my father was born, 1956.

I was stunned by this woman’s
delicate loveliness. She was
perfect, almost. Innocently
eloquent. I watched for a while.
The camera enjoyed narrowing
in on her face often. Movie
directors are stylish, they
know what people like.

Curious, I took out my laptop
and looked her up. Her name was
Gail Russell. Apparently, Paramount
signed her with no acting experience
shortly after High School. They knew there was money
in putting this heavenly face on the big screen
and figured they’d be able to mold
her into an actor. They did. At a cost.

She was shy and quiet. Probably chewed
up and spit out. Probably manipulated
by the dreadful folks in Hollywood.
To calm her nerves while acting,
she starting drinking on set.
More and more.

Most of her movies were mediocre.
Occasionally good. She got a little boost
mid-point in her short career
by doing a movie with John Wayne.

She was still beautiful, even
after years of throwing ’em back.

Her drinking started to become a problem.
She got in a vehicle accident, sailing her car
into a coffee shop. DUI’s piled up.
Paramount dumped her and that
pretty much ruined her career.

Alcohol-induced melancholy took hold.
She became a recluse. And at
36 years old, she died alone
in her apartment.

Malnourished and saturated
with booze. Empty bottles
as her final audience.

Her striking beauty was no more.

I got a little sad when I read all this.
She needed someone, decent, to
love her. Show her appreciation. To
take her out of Hollywood.

She needed something. This
wasn’t supposed to be her life.

Today she lies buried
in the same town that killed her,
mostly forgotten.

And it’s sad to know this.


My 3 Important Pieces of Advice for Young People

This is what I consider my 3 most important pieces of advice for young people in today’s crazy world.


The cost of college has increased sharply in the last few years. The price of textbooks has skyrocketed 812% in the past 30 years. The outstanding student loan debt in America has surpassed $1 trillion. And it’s nearly impossible to get a scholarship. The jobs out there are few, the wages are stagnant, and government-backed loans trail these students for most of their lives. The debt these young graduates are saddled with after college leave them feeling hopeless which is why the suicide rate among these young people is rising.

It all comes down to this: college is not worth the invested time, money and energy in today’s world. 4 years of college just delays you from getting out there and experiencing the world.

Kids are not getting any useful knowledge from these agenda driven professors. They’re being force-fed laughable theories and assumptions from academic wonks who’ve likely failed at life. Sure, they’re instructed to brainstorm, but only inside of a small box of allowable opinion. These colleges are so damn saturated with politically-correct muck, which, is what ultimately drowns out critical thinking and individuality. Most of these young folks coming out of college today lack the basic understanding of the most fundamental aspects of life. They know little history, are completely oblivious to cause and effect and basic finance, can’t write a decent sentence to save their life, and have no entrepreneurial swag to them whatsoever. So much money so little results.

The great companies out there, the revolutionary ones I should say, aren’t hiring based on if you got a degree or not. They’re looking for people with guts. People who get shit done. People who aren’t limited in their imagination.

Dr. Faber, a Swiss fund manager and international investor recently explained why he doesn’t hire people based on their formal education. He simply says:

“And so you have now an army of people that came out of universities and I can tell I met a lot of these people I would not dream of hiring, they’re completely useless. I am not saying that everybody is useless. Some have [a] very good education and very good personality but the ones that I would hire, I would hire them with or without [a] university degree. I will look at them [and think]: can they do something? Are they effective? Can they accomplish something or not? I would not even ask whether they have a university education, I am not interested in that.”

So what’s the alternative?

Self-education, read, read, read. It’s free.  Be curious about the world and go find out about things. Look to the future and learn a trade in a field that you know will thrive. Be an entrepreneur, create things, find your art, your love, and let it envelop you. Don’t be concerned about money, do what you love and the money will find its way to you eventually. Be an idea machine, then put these ideas to practical use. Don’t let anyone else shape your future.


The Fed-fueled housing market is rigged. It’s been rigged for a long time.

So we have the Federal Reserve, the central banking branch of the state, artificially suppressing interest rates (punish savers), inflating the money supply (printing money), which, deceptively paints this pretty little picture of a strong recovery. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The housing market (like the stock market) is in another bubble that will burst…again. The writing is on the wall. Politicians and bankers haven’t learned from the last bubble/bust that they created 6 years ago. Their short-term memory benefits them, of course, and screws us.

The great economist, David Stockman, puts it like this:

Here we are 96 months after the housing peak, yet there are still 20 million households which are either underwater on their mortgages or do not have enough embedded equity to cover the transaction costs and down payment needed to move. Since there are only 50 million households with mortgages, that means that as a practical matter 40% of mortgage borrowers  are precluded from trading-up.”

In a earlier article he wrote:

“At the end of the day, we do not have a healthy recovering residential housing market at all, but one that is being hit with a triple whammy of bubble finance. The traditional first time home-buyer is drastically under-represented because young families are buried in more than $1 trillion of student debt.”

With a mortgage payment, most of your hard-earned money goes towards interest. What is interest? It’s what you pay the bank for letting you borrow money. But really, they didn’t let you borrow money. Your mortgage is nothing but digital numbers transferred from another financial institution. So, most of your house payment is not going towards your actual house, rather, it’s going toward the interest you owe. This is why it takes 30 plus years to pay off your house. See the craziness? It’s a scam, an expensive one at that. Plus, throw in maintenance, upkeep and taxes, you’re now officially house broke.

Avoid the trap. Unless you find a great deal and have the funds to put down a large down payment, stay away from buying a house. With the federal government manipulating the hell out this sector of the market, it could be the worst investment of your lifetime.

What’s the alternative?

If you do buy a house, like I said earlier, buy small and affordable with a down payment of at least 20% of the value, more would be better. If you can’t, rent. Renting is so much better in so many ways. First off, you’re not enslaved to the banks. Secondly, you’d be mobile; you’d be able to leave whenever you want. In today’s global economy, this is the preferable choice. Don’t let worldly materials or the American Dream hoopla hold you back from achieving what you love. Mortgages are slavery, plain and simple. Avoid them. Avoid serfdom.


Unless you like fighting in senseless wars that stack the pockets of politicians and defense contractors, don’t join the military. Unless you want to die for lies, don’t join the military. Unless you want to invade different countries and shatter the lives of people who are of no threat to you or your country, don’t join the military. Unless you want to be stationed in Afghanistan to guard and protect poppy fields for opium production, don’t join the military. Unless you want to break up your own family or increase your chance of committing suicide, don’t join the military.

I know this sounds unpatriotic and all, but it’s the truth. The military doesn’t fight for freedom. It’s not doing anything in service of our country like it is so proudly peddled. These are just propaganda slogans; tired old mantras left over from the Revolutionary days. Today the military is used by phony politicians and blood lusting pentagon officials to spread the “American Way” of living around the world. Troops are employed to shore up natural resources and expand America’s influence to all 4 corners of the globe. They’re used to overthrow democratically elected leaders overseas and to install brutal dictators funded and controlled by the U.S. The military is used for reasons other than what it’s supposed to be used for, which is defense. (This is why the founding fathers were against having a standing army)

Since WWII, the U.S. has launched 201 out of the 248 armed conflicts in the world. And 90% of all the deaths that resulted were innocent civilians. This is not a noble statistic. If it’s wrong to kill, is it morally okay when a politician tells you to do it? If breaking into a house is considered a criminal act, is it not a criminal act if a president or one in charge commands you to do it? Somehow, when it comes to the state, morality, or the ability to decipher right from wrong becomes blurry.

The war machine is a highly profitable racket. President Eisenhower understood the evils of this racket which he called the military industrial-complex. He tried to warn America about it in his last speech in office. See for yourself. JFK knew about it also and paid the ultimate price for challenging it. The best way to fight this machine  is by starving it. Don’t volunteer yourself.

To save your life and others, to keep your spirit and mind healthy, it’d be a wise choice to stay far away from military recruiters. The best way to serve your country is by doing things locally to help people. Build a strong family. Starting a business and giving people jobs is a great service to your country. Be knowledgeable and don’t let people push you in to doing things that you don’t want to do, no matter how much flag-waving they flaunt in your face.