The Ballot of a Non-Voter


Democracy is a pathetic belief
in the collective wisdom
of individual ignorance.

~ H.L. Mencken

So, I hear there’s an election tomorrow and once again they tell me it’s the most important election of my lifetime.

Just like the last one.

And the one before that.

They say I neeeeed to VOTE — they beg, plead, and philosophize like it holds some type of magical solution to something—something evil.

Voting is the way — they swear by it, even though the government we have today is a result of decades after decades after decades of voting.

I often wonder how two law-abiding, productive citizens who grew up in the same area can have two totally different views on how the political system should work?

How can we know that my political solutions are better than yours?

How can we know if your political solutions are better than mine?

Can we measure? Does it even matter? Continue reading


You’re a Poet


You know the taste of your own blood,
therefore, you know the taste of
the blood that flows through all
the rivers of this mad world. You
know the midnight that overwhelms
your inner light
and you know the moonlight
that illuminates your
dark night.

You know what you’ve experienced
and you know how these unique experiences
have either heightened or diminished
the person you are today.

Or both in some ways. Continue reading

You’d Be an Illegal Immigrant, Too (If You Had the Guts)




Mexico for the most part is
beautiful and safe. A lot
of Americans retire and
move there. In a lot of
ways it’s a considerably
freer place to live than
the US. But near the border
it’s a living hell, due mostly
to the drug cartel, which,
is aided by the
US’s policies on
the so-called
“war on drugs.”

If I had a family and lived
in a wasteland, and a portion
of my community had been killed
off by the drug cartel, and I saw
no hope on the horizon, I too
would break a man-made law and
cross and an imaginary line
if it led to safer grounds.
I’d take the risk. For my family.
You likely would too. If you had
the guts. And if I got caught
I’d hope the
badged bureaucrats
would show a little
empathetic mercy
to my



My spirit resonates
more with an “illegal”
immigrant than a
“just doing my job”
bureaucrat. I’d rather
sip whiskey with a
politically incorrect
social deviant
than a smiling,
suit-clad politician.
I like people
with an ornery soul—
people not pinned to a role.
Desperate people full of love.
These are the folks
that the gods
rejoice in.

Shacked Up

37886wideI was shacked up with a beautiful
alcoholic brunette
who liked to make love on rainy
hungover mornings.
When we’d get done
she’d make us both a stiff drink
and we’d dance to music
as the sound of rain
hammered the windows
in the grey dawn. After 5
I’d start reciting my poetry
on top of our kitchen
table. She’d screech out
“you’re never gonna make it,
you fuck.”

“Fuck you” I’d retort,
“I’m a fucking genius,
you just can’t see it
cause you’re a fucking drunk.”

Then I’d make us both
a stiff drink
and we’d make love again
as the rain came down
and never stopped.

Along the Western Front


Christmas Eve, 103 years ago tonight,
the world burns burns burns like
the furnace it is, but a hard freeze
sets in after an agonizing week
of wind & rain 
along the Western Front.

Tired and ragged soldiers on both sides
of a senseless, brutal war
emerge, with hands up,
from the trenches
harmonizing Silent Night
in unison
as the snow begins to fall.

For just a few hours, these war-torn
adversaries come together
as allies, as friends, as brothers.

They defy the rules of war,
ignore commands from generals
and politicians, and chisel out
their own peace. A peace not granted
by their masters. Two enemies, together,
under a bleak sky in fields of blood and bones,
laugh and sip whiskey and smoke cigars,
while sharing gifts as the grey dawn
gives way to the bloodshed again.

But for one night, just one night, these
young soldiers escaped the cage of honor,
the hell of their undoing, and lowered
their guns, and their goddamn flags
and found brotherhood through truce.

Let every night be Christmas Eve night,
1914, along the Western Front.


24 Brief Pieces of Advice for High School Graduates

1. Staying out of debt & learning a trade is more advantageous than obtaining a college degree in most cases.

2. Travel and learn a little about the world you live in before the University attempts to shape your worldview.

3. Start a blog and write often. Even if no one reads it.

4. Be creative. Create something every day. As Nietzsche understood, “Art is the supreme task and the truly metaphysical activity in this life.”

5. Invest money as early as you can. Find a low-cost Index Fund and throw at least 10% of what you earn in it. No matter what. The earlier the better.

6. Never have a car payment. Ever.

7. Read. Read often. Read the greats. Start with the great works of Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Steinbeck.

8. Speak precisely, never exaggerate.

9. Do the things you’re most uncomfortable doing.

10. Don’t workout to look good. Workout to be strong. Focus on the main lifts — Squats, Deadlift, and Press.

11. Sprinting is more beneficial than jogging.

12. Eat meats, fats, fruits, nuts, and greens. Leave everything else alone.

13. Only put out quality content on Social Media. Or don’t have an account.

14. Merely showing up on time and being polite puts you ahead of the curve.

15. Surround yourself with respectable people who are smarter than you.

16. No job is “beneath” you. No matter your skill level or education.

17. Travel to places that scare you.

18. Learn to embrace solitude. Learn to be by yourself often.

19. The integrity of the individual is the most important thing in the world. Be self-aware, know yourself, know what you’re about, and don’t succumb to the herd-mentality.

20. To be alive is to suffer. Life’s hard, tragic and beautiful at the same time. Embrace the suffering, and never run from what you must deal with. Great humans are born out of suffering.

21. No one cares what you do as much as you think they do.

22. Take full responsibility for your life. If you fail to do this you’ll live out your days full of resentment which will inevitably lead to a very bad place.

23. Always move. Move far. Move hard. Move in the direction of your dreams. Or around the block. Just move everyday.

24. Spend your money on experiences rather than on things. Own very little. Excessive “stuff” weighs you down, causes you to become stagnant, weak, and chained up. As the L.A. poet, Charles Bukowski, recognized, “the less I needed the better I felt.”