Silly Liberals and Silly Patriots

American Eagle

Liberals scare the shit out of me
because they’re all about giving
an insane amount of power
over to the destructive state
when it comes to domestic &
censorship issues.

Jesus Christ.

Rightwing patriots scare the hell
out of me, too
because they’re willing to give
a shitload of power
over to the destructive state
when it comes to
wars and so-called
“family value”

Jesus Christ.

Both Liberals and conservatives
are all about bigness and power –
big government, big business,
and empire. They’re about owning,
possessing, controlling and
manipulating money, people,
and other countries in the
name of “democracy.”

It’s a big club, folks,
as George Carlin reminded us,
and you and I aren’t in it.
So please, goddammit, ignore
it all and love hard, create
art, drink beer and
live it up.

Once you truly realize
there are no sides

that’s the ultimate


U Hate My Love


my love. u
can’t grasp the
utter depth of it. you
don’t know what it does
to me. you will never know.
you will never understand my
cravings, my needs, or my ways.
or what I must attain with this love.

u hate my love.

you hate the magnitude of
my love. you hate how my love
challenges you. you hate that
you can’t love like i love.
you hate how it sends me into
exotic lands far away from
where you are.

u hate my love.

u hate that it throws me into
a raging melancholy, lost in it,
unable to function in your world
for days. you think it’s strange,
lazy, a phase i have to push thru.

you despise
the books i read. u loathe
the art. the things i write
and the words i say. they’re
painful to you. you don’t
know where i come up with
this stuff. you’ve never gazed
in at your own soul, let alone
in the eyes of one who is
drunk with this furious love.

and just like the average
Joe who gets told
an uncomfortable truth,
you’ll attempt to destroy
this loves purveyor. and
you will be mad with venom
in doing this.

your love fears the dark. my love
rejoices in it. my love is rapture.
my love is daring. my love doesn’t
yield to security. my love is
free. your love is ruled. my
love feeds the world.
your love dies
with your
and u

Heaven & Hell


i overheard a grown man the other day
declare to a fellow coffee shop patron
that, without an ounce of doubt,
he’s going straight to heaven after he dies
because he’s a believer.

a believer
a believer
a believer

a believer of doctrines passed down to him.

i was floored by his naive certainty, the way
he was so cocksure in his credulous
simplicity. there was no room
for curiosity, or questions,
and there surely wasn’t any
room for a little skepticism
or a slight chance that he’s ever
pondered on the great mysteries
of this 13.8 billion year
old universe —
nope, nope, nope,
just an unshakable
acceptance of the
improbable. Continue reading

Morning Melancholy


Woke up half-hungover this morning
with a mellow case of melancholy.
You’re gone and I’m here sitting
sad and confused looking out the
window of life trying to make
sense of it all.

But in this mild despair, there sits a
strange type of satisfaction, a
charm to it. Quite possibly, even
a teacher. I’ve never had too much
to offer any one. I’m just
a lost lonely
treading wearily
in the dark seas
of the unknown.

I can’t help but be reminded of the words
of the great Leo Tolstoy
when he was gripped
with a severe case of despair
at the peak of his notoriety:

“I felt that something had broken within me
on which my life had always rested, that I
had nothing left to hold on to, and that
morally my life had stopped.”

I tend to let my heart usher me into precarious
situations – always yearning for that unreachable
light on the other side. And I find myself quite
often unsuited to walk the sad sidewalks
of this dying culture.

My mind is at constant war with my heart,
and my body, thrown into that lonely cage
of middle age, is trying desperately to
maintain homeostasis.

At times, I think it’s not my fate
to become an aging old man. I’ve come
to accept this likelihood, and, in a
strange way, I’m quite OK with it.

I stare out the window and see a blackbird
flutter in and land on an oak tree branch
as I pour a glass of 9am wine. I smile.
I stare for awhile. I sip easily.
I’m just trying to keep a little spark
alive this morning, just a little flicker
so as to endure the brief storm
of this pleasant despair.

Deprogram Yourself and Come Alive!


Those who are truly decrepit, living corpses, so to speak, are the middle-aged, middle-class men and women who are stuck in their comfortable grooves and imagine that the status quo will last forever or else are so frightened it won’t that they have retreated into their mental bomb shelters to wait it out.

~ Henry Miller

I love life and I love this planet but I find myself confused in a culture that has gone to the wayside. Something’s wrong. Despite living in the safest, most prosperous time in history, we’re caught up in false narratives that leave us deathly afraid and extremely angry.

And born out of this fear and anger is senseless cruelties, shallowness, blind obedience, a push for more laws, rampant illnesses, a loss of the self, and worst of all, the complete and utter destruction of the life energy that we’re born with.

Just look around. Look in the eyes of the people. Look at the way they live, the way they eat, the way they move, their gestures, their gossip, their beliefs, their opinions, their politics, their passionless mode of existence. Continue reading

The Ballot of a Non-Voter


Democracy is a pathetic belief
in the collective wisdom
of individual ignorance.

~ H.L. Mencken

So, I hear there’s an election tomorrow and once again they tell me it’s the most important election of my lifetime.

Just like the last one.

And the one before that.

They say I neeeeed to VOTE — they beg, plead, and philosophize like it holds some type of magical solution to something—something evil.

Voting is the way — they swear by it, even though the government we have today is a result of decades after decades after decades of voting.

I often wonder how two law-abiding, productive citizens who grew up in the same area can have two totally different views on how the political system should work?

How can we know that my political solutions are better than yours?

How can we know if your political solutions are better than mine?

Can we measure? Does it even matter? Continue reading

You’re a Poet


You know the taste of your own blood,
therefore, you know the taste of
the blood that flows through all
the rivers of this mad world. You
know the midnight that overwhelms
your inner light
and you know the moonlight
that illuminates your
dark night.

You know what you’ve experienced
and you know how these unique experiences
have either heightened or diminished
the person you are today.

Or both in some ways. Continue reading