You’re a Poet


You know the taste of your own blood,
therefore, you know the taste of
the blood that flows through all
the rivers of this mad world. You
know the midnight that overwhelms
your inner light
and you know the moonlight
that illuminates your
dark night.

You know what you’ve experienced
and you know how these unique experiences
have either heightened or diminished
the person you are today.

Or both in some ways.

And when you’re all alone
looking in the mirror
at your aging face, you feel
this deep-seated anguish
of your impending death. This
makes you question it all. This
makes you want to rage, rage,
rage into that deep dark night
in fierce desperation
toward the dawn’s

And sometimes, at 3am when you cant sleep,
you sit up in your bed in the mere silence
of 4 walls, and you feel the residual stardust
stirring in your veins, and you feel the violent
cosmos swirling around inside your ravaged soul.

You know things people don’t. You
feel things that people are frightened
to admit. Your darkness, revealed,
can be a light for others.

And if you can unlearn the rubbish
that’s been stuffed in your head,
you’ll likely discover that you have
the wisdom of all the dead prophets
pulsating inside your own mind.

You are your own genius.

Take the mask off and say it. Say everything.
Say it all. Say it truthful. Don’t compromise it.
Don’t water it down. Say the truest thing that
you know. Write it down. Strip it of all drivel
and rewrite it as simply and as dangerously
as you possibly can.

Now, you’re a poet.

We need you.

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