Politics will dry you up.
Fast. Just like college
debt and a bad marriage.
And if you invest too much
into it, emotionally,
it’ll drive you to madness
or heart disease or
very quickly.

You’ll fall into the sludge
of self-righteousness. You’ll
start regurgitating nonsensical
slogans from the party you
associate with. And even worse,
it’ll put you at odds with your
fellow man,
of course,
is the ultimate goal
of politics
in the first place.

As Bukowski once told us, people
who believe in politics are sucking
wind through bent straws.

Instead, keep your dignity.
Smash the television.
Love in the dark.
Create art.
Be nice.
Drink wine.
Read the greats.
And just sit back and laugh
at the whole fiasco.

The system was bought
and paid for the day after
Kennedy took the bullet.
The debt will continue its climb,
the wars will forever rage,
the promises will be left
unfulfilled, and the youth
will perish for lies
under the guise
of honor.

And yes,
politicians will continue
to deceive us behind smug
smiles. Even your
favorite one.

You aren’t going to change it.
Neither are your opinions.
It will implode on its own,
it’s teetering as we speak.
So, save your time
and possibly your life
and disassociate
yourself from the
patent leather
souls of
Capitol Hill.

They do not hold
the key to the
change you


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