it was the most worrisome hours of the night,
when the stars float idly over the carnage
and the moonlight, casting its illumination
onto the rubble, as the smoke seeps
through the crevices, up into the damnation.

the smell of fire loiters through the
godless night, and the sporadic sounds of
gunfire and extinction
shrouds the little village,
the odor of death, keeping its people
in constant dread, hiding in plain
sight, waiting for the pillage
of another night.

the olive trees, once prominent
among this region, are no more. nature
has been pushed out, replaced by uniformed men,
check points, cement walls and barbwire, caged
inside a barren territory, unforgiving.

there is no free will in their existence.
the gods have been murdered, resurrected
and remade among the grime of the cursed land.
the maker, retreating,
powerless to tame his own creation,
the people who kill in his name, and those who
profess obedience to his word, nations,
crusading with their ignorance
across unfamiliar lands,
plundering and killing those
who refuse to disband
their way of living. their truth.

the desolate place is eerily
beautiful at night. the sun,
while tanning faces of indifference on
the other side of the world, hasn’t yet
revealed the aftermath here.
the midnight butchery,
the billowing smoke,
the screams, the weeping souls.

the iniquities of the night are veiled
until that first blush of dawn.
but the new day will render
the midnight sins, like
it always has, the ultimate surrender,
and the horrified heavens, broken,
looking down upon the devilish havoc,
and on those unspoken.

lifeless children thrown in the streets,
as weeping mothers fall to their knees.
gargling, moaning, last push of air from
mangled lungs can be heard under the debris.
the anguish erases fear and evolves into anger.
you can hear the tasteless cheers from strangers
who’ve been conditioned to accept this reality as
part of the mission. it’s a sad world.

but we all know what to expect,
a subdued generation, who look
to the deceivers for information,
drunk with selfish desires, sitting at ease
while the world is on fire.

damn man it’s so sad to see
diluted hearts plagued with apathy,
weak and conformed to madness that is.

there’s gotta be people out there who care,
there’s gotta be people out there
who will no longer turn their heads.
is this what we have become?
the normalcy of despair?
is there dignity in ignorantly
cheering the oppressors?
do you truly believe you are
on the side of the lesser?

let us read, read, read
and perceive through
unfiltered eyes, oh please,
i promise we’d see
the world as something
contrary to what we believe.


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