Until We Go Back

we didn’t desire any particular thing,
but we did have a craving for it all.
we wanted the whole world
and nothing less.
we wanted the fields and the sky
the sun and moon, the stars
and the heavens and
all the hells too.

we lived for the moment.
in the moment.
to the moment.

I remember it often–
stars dripping their radiance
on naked backs
and the evening breeze
carrying the music of passion
through moonlit pines.

midnight women with lipstick smiles
cigarette smoke lingering on tequila tongues
high heels held steady on rotating hips,
young eyes
perfumed back seats,
wild driving on lifeless streets.
hell yes,

yesterday and tomorrow
never materialized
in our minds,
we didn’t worry or regret
we just lived,

never tired after worn out miles
romancing on rainy nights
with mischievous smiles
seduced by 3 days of drunkenness
with Gomorrah eyes on dreamy faces

hand in hand wobbling
around cobble-stone streets
damp from tears
of winos on corners
under street lamps
sipping beers.

the horizon in the distance
was always blurred
and the cold walls of duty
did not confine us,
we were never tormented
by expectations,
never lived dormant
running from temptations,

hell no, man

we were beautifully mad,
the only fruitful way
to be in a parasitical world
that feeds off of your everything.

the only way.

yes, it’s all so clear

displaced we are,confused
in the wasteland of allegiance,
where every move is condemned
by empty minds of outer authority

we must go back.

break free.

don’t be blind, baby,
society is one big lie.
its got us right where
it wants us. comfortably
consumed in the mundane.

see through it darlin’,

we must break free
and go back.

or else…


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