Adding Color

It was a pleasant morning.
Back porch reading in the coolness
of a late Florida winter.
The oak tree dropped its remaining leaves
as a gentle wind ruffled through.
You could hear the leaves touch the ground.
It was a peaceful sound.
The sun was floating just over the horizon.
The birds were joyfully singing
and the squirrels were everywhere playing.
It was a perfect morning.
A morning that shouldn’t be enjoyed in complete soberness.
The senses craved to be amplified.
The soul set fire.
The eyes set on hope.
The nostalgia was killing me.
I trickled a little Brandy in my coffee,
took a sip, and trickled just tad more.
We live our lives in hope
of finding ways around discontent.
One more trickle, yes. Perfect.
I needed to add color to this day.
I need to add color to most.


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