mad girl

Her place,
a world beyond ours,
was strange.
I sat on the hospital bed
looking into those mystique eyes,
so mysterious, so wild.
It was just after one of her spells
and the nurse called me in.
I was told this one was intense.
She was disheveled looking,
with her legs tucked into her chest,
barefoot, rocking back and forth
with her cheek resting on her right knee.
She was staring out the window
at a world that did not want her,
a world she did want in return.
Her deranged notions were perceived
by the eyes of those on the outside
as crazy.
And they were.
And she was.
So much so that they took her out of that world,
by force, and institutionalized her.
Whatever the hell that word actually means.
She had long hair,
beautiful features,
and those alluring eyes
that swallowed you into her world.
A world that was solely hers,
and had everything she needed,
everything she desired.
Beauty. Bliss. Love.
A world without fear.
She never really had
a reason to come to ours.
And she rarely did.
I loved her for that.
No one else did.


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