Dead Men Naked

Dead men lie naked
below the grassy earth
all are one and the same

the moonlit graveyard
is the place of birth
to the soul released
from days of pain

time gives way to these men
and there is no more push
from the vicious wind

no more dominion
of tedious rules
or raging nights
sitting on barstools

handless clocks
no more make sound
no more running
from hungry hounds

no more suffering
from lovers wounds
no more poverty
or silver spoons

no more decisions
to be made
or preaching voices
to obey

just tired souls

liberated from the consequences
of horrible choices

just lifeless men
who’ve all fallen guilty
of being the person
they didn’t want to be

men who’ve never lived
under their own control

never achieving
what they really desired
never truly living
with a soul on fire

just men who’d been lied to
most of their lives

and hollered at
by boring wives

but now…

they are
no longer found

they’re just dead men naked
not far into the ground.


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