Two Kinds of Americans Who Support the Troops

There are two kinds of Americans who support the troops in this country.

The majority, let’s call them group (A), passionately support the troops while they’re fighting and after they’ve come home from wars. The minority, group (B), supports and fights for them before they go off to war. There is a huge difference between these two types, so let’s break them down.

Group (A): This group consists of the typical everyday American; the ones who have “Support our Troops” bumper stickers on their SUV’s. Tears fill their eyes during the National Anthem at ball games. They have flags tacked nicely on the front of their houses. They watch CNN and Fox News and believe they’re getting the whole story. Their opinions usually coincide with a political party. They also have unwavering trust in their elected officials to make sound decisions. And they vote (for the lesser of two evils, of course).

This group of patriotic Americans  also believe “supporting the troops” means blindly supporting the wars and/or foreign interventions. No matter how costly the military actions are, or how much turmoil they cause, Group A will never dissent or speak bad about these wars. The government has got their full support, you can count on that.

But the ironic thing is, these folks, seemingly, have no real knowledge about the wars that the troops are engaged in. They never question the motives or the objectives for entering into these conflicts.  They don’t know the reasons for, and in some cases, even who the troops are fighting.

This group also loves to talk about the Constitution, but does not realize that every war since WWII has been waged without a declaration of war from congress, which is required by the document they love so much.

Now the soldiers, if lucky enough to make it home, are usually maimed, limbless, traumatized and at times, insane. The war, which has no real meaning for them, has destroyed their souls and minds. And a huge number of these troops believe suicide is their only way out. It’s very sad.

Now, to show so-called “support for the troops”, group (A) Americans welcome these deformed soldiers back into society by throwing parades, waving tiny flags, and saluting them for their service. But the harm is already done and this support is futile in the end.

Group (B): This group is the minority. These are the people in which group (A) looks at with scorn, hatred and unpatriotic vitriol. Group (B) consists of passionate and well-informed Americans who are supporting the troops by trying to stop the senseless wars that they are sent to fight in. These Americans understand who finances and benefits from these wars. They study and are reinvigorated by the inconvenient facts they find. They want to expose the lies. They inform people about the dubious reason that a war is being waged. They give names of corporations who are lobbying for the next war. And they try to explain to people the “just” war theory.

Group B Americans do this all the while being called vile and unpatriotic names by a war-conditioned society. In the face of all this,  they still push on in protest. They risk, at times their careers, freedoms and reputations, to preach the truth about the nature of these wars.

This minority group understands that every war since the War of 1812 was initiated with a lie to the American people. They understand that war is the health of the state. They recognize that these wars are not fought for national defense but are unprovoked acts of aggression against other lands. These are the folks who are tired of seeing soldiers die for the plutocracy; tired of feeding the financial interests of the Military Industrial-Complex with the blood of Americans. The folks in group (B) are people who are genuinely supporting the troops but are thought about otherwise.

In short, there is a huge difference between these two groups.

One group supports the troops by draping American flags over caskets.

The other is on a fervent campaign to keep our troops out of caskets.

Once group (B) has finally become the majority, group (A) would inevitably fizzle out. This is when true change would come.

That is what the troops want, and is what America needs.


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