Shots Fired

“Shots fired in DC”
was plastered on my television
for hours it seemed
something bad must be going down
something bad indeed
I turned it off
because the coverage was too murky
and the pundits were too speculative
later that night
as the sun was setting
and the dinner dishes were cleaned
I turned back on the television
figuring the story was polished up
for our knowing
I found out
that the “shots fired in DC”
were from the police
and the police only,
they had killed an
dental hygienist
from Connecticut
they said she was mad, or
mentally unhinged
and crazy,
in her madness
she had driven recklessly
in the Holy City
she had not listened to the officers,
maybe she was scared
or her insanity had flared up
or she was confused
but she is dead,
and apparently,
the hellacious crime
of bad driving habits
warrants the punishment
of assassination,
as with Lenin’s Russia
as with Hitler’s Germany
we were also told
she had a baby in the car,
this is the same car
that was riddled
with bullets from the police
who knew there was a
baby in the car–
the tragedy…
as America watched
on television
from their comfortable little homes
a poor orphan in the making
hearts were numb
outrage was absent
christian eyes looked the other way
and the people
with their busy lives
cheered her death
“she deserved it” they yelled
she was crazy
she didn’t obey
and congress
with their many vices
gave a standing ovation
to the heroic officers who killed
this defenseless young mother,
this is America
and we are Americans
go back to your bars
to drown your conscience
go back to your churches
to misdirect your empathy
go back to your jobs
that you despise
go back to your clubs
that make you feel special
go back to sleep America
there is nothing to see here.


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