Man in Exile

905279_304968112969659_649450377_onothing was created out of perfection
but all forms were created from chaos,
it’s the disorder of organisms
in which life is born,
and when man,
concocted from the earth
came into the density of being,
his first deed was to cast off
his cataleptic existence

with this noncompliance to what was
man was banished from the garden,
a rogue gardener,
seduced by the cunning serpent—
that mighty symbol of rebirth,
forever in Exile
from that lifeless paradise,
thrown into the unbearable age
of the dominion of time and space

sinless was not his nature,
the enigmatic creator
undervalued the power of man’s mind;
the craving for that forbidden apple,
a stringent Lust to be awaken,
or, better still,
for man to pursue his own bliss
was more enticing than following
the rules of his creator

so man left the unconscious world behind
and voyaged
to the dawn of a new awareness,
this is when life truly arose,
our bond with rebellion
is how we came to be,
naked and vulnerable,
embracing the dark side
to make the whole of our being


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