The Secret to Life

The secret to life
is to destroy desire
and to conquer fear,
obey your inner soul
and break away from the herd.
Realities are in your dreams
and Dreams conceal the real you,
the you which has not been brought to life yet.
If we can rise above pettiness
the world is ours,
walk away from strife,
the world is ours,
you were snatched from eternity
for this exact moment,
this circus was created
for you
and you only
the sun rises
for you
the tree sprouts from a seed
for you
The ocean rescinds its tide
for you.
We are so much more grandeur
than society leads us to believe.
The meaning to life is what you bring it,
and the separation from our fellow humans
is nothing but a false perception of the mind
shaped by culture,
and organized religion.
We’re all one
no matter what all
the major institutions
might have us believe,
we are all one.
And once we grasp this,
I mean truly grasp this,
we’d finally discover
that the secret to life
is so very simple.


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