I Seek the Sun

exiled from the garden
of bleak innocence
into the world of duality
fear and desire
keep us from returning
to the Paradise
that was once our essence

centuries ensued
with poetic myths
wetting the appetite
of mankind’s yearning
for a transcendent belief
and meaning
to console the limitations
of our learning

the dreadful Fall
leaves us all petrified,
fear of afterlife condemnations
for being alive
irrational threats
from hypocritical pulpits
to those who don’t worship
a conscious metaphor in the sky

most look up
in search of the divine
instead of looking inside,
where we’d find
the celestial power
that makes us whole
the true God
within our soul

And now…

modern day has arrived
like a cold winter
the fog of despair
keeps out the light
empty souls plunder
their weekly earnings
on objects of craving
that fails to delight

now everyone lives
how they’re told to live
instead living lives
that they wish they did
and they turn to pills
for their discontent
to fly them to a place
that seems heaven sent

the people are all genius
of the news of the day
and survive behind
a veneer of pretensions
we participate in the evil
that we preach against
with disarrayed minds
and dulled senses

products of mass entertainment
holding opinions that aren’t our own
easily conformed to the insanity of culture
pleased to be warriors
for causes unknown

but the time is now as it always is
to revolutionize our minds
and rekindle that fiery flame
that’s been suffocated over time

true reality is our unity with all life
and all life forms feed off death
so we must die to live on
we must die into the night
and like the sun, we rise!
reborn with the dawn

Until then…

moonlight sins devour my conscious, while
morning dew drips from hungover dreams
damn the sun, the sun has risen
to meet bloodshot eyes of the redeemed
the foggy haze of an exotic night
has inflamed the shadow deeply hidden
seems like,
in embracing the darkness
of that weary night,
we resurrect that long
ago, faded light.

“I dreamed my genesis in sweat of death, fallen
Twice in the feeding sea, grown
Stale of Adam’s brine until, vision
Of new man strength, I seek the sun.”


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