Love Your Fate

Love your fate
Kiss the annihilation that awaits
Oh, world of time and space
Such great illusions to our mortal face
Sweet temptations of apple taste
Love your fate

We must kill duality to rid the disease,
Think outside forms that will cease to be
Live beyond pairs of dividing peace
God and Devil
Good and Evil
Heaven and Hell
Light and Darkness
Bliss is found in the harmony of these
In the center of the Mandala is the true being
It’s the epic of the soul
The stillness among chaos
The quietness of the mind

Think about all the lives tossed from the womb
Into suffering
Into failure
Into despair
Into slavery
Accidents of time
Born into this inescapable web
Floating in a realm of delusions
Never wanting seclusion
Always on the go and getting nowhere
Meshing with the multitudes
With pretentious needs
Living in the past
Living for the future
Never embracing the Now

Unable to create art
We despise it
Unable to know God
We preach him
Those incapable to think originally
Are enslaved by those who can
But the majority cannot
And will not
And we adore our oppressors
We ask permission to live
Permission to love
Permission to shout
I’m sick of doubt

Bleeding thoughts of unthinkable ideas
Always worried how the world sees us
Trusting politics for betterment of self
With unread books on dusty shelves
People will destroy what they don’t understand
Instead of empathizing outside their land
They will hate with precision
Every single decision
That doesn’t coincide
With their ecstasy of division

Never say no
Find your escape
Exterminate the hate
and just…
Love your fate


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