Sad Lady Outside the Bar & Grille

Erik Rittenberry

I was itching to shake the boredom out of a Wednesday afternoon, so I headed up to my local watering hole to replenish my parched soul. I sat outside the Bar & Grille, with the lone company of a middle-aged woman at the next table. She was mid-afternoon drinking, like myself, beer after beer, lonely, isolated in the crowd and looked to be quite distraught. She was a woman whose youth was unraveling and seemed to be discontent with this natural necessity. You could tell, she was trying desperately not to lose grip with that last remnant of outer beauty she held. But unfortunately, it was being slithered away by them damn ruthless years that so many folks try to defy.

The sad woman just sat there, people watching, observing and judging the emotions on the passer-by faces. She shook her head in disgust when loud music drove by with teenage kids at…

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